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  • These disclaimers apply to all microarray experiments, and are not due to the samples or experimental conditions.


  • Our platelet RNA data cannot be applied to platelet protein levels. Thus, there may be a discrepancy when an unstable transcript encodes a very stable protein. It should be noted that some, but not all, literature supports a "good" correlation between platelet mRNAs and the corresponding proteins. Interpretation of these conflicting points of view is subject to all the usual limitations of proteomics and transcriptomic technologies, as well as the platelet preparation itself.


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  • Very rarely (<1% of the time), a "new" gene has been "discovered" that had not been annotated at the time Affymetrix made the version of the chip we used in our study, and therefore the chip lacked probes for this "new" gene. We will eventually include a link to allow the user to know all genes on the chip and consider this possibility.