Interactive Results Tool version: 1.0

eQTL browser

This webtool allows the user to query the platelet eQTL dataset. The user can generate Manhattan plots for any of the 612 platelet eGenes identified in our analysis. Clicking on a point will display additional information for the corresponding variant. Y-axis corresponds to the -log10 eQTL association p-value. X-axis represents genomic coordinates. Imputed and genotyped variants are colored in blue and black, respectively. Green and red vertical lines indicate transcription start and stop sites. Only variants with marginal eQTL effect (p-value less than 1e-4) are shown.

If you use information from this webtool, please refer to the following:

Alternative start site in Mitofusin-2 revealed by integrative multi-omic analysis of human platelet eQTLs. Simon, L. et al. AJHG. (2016)